this is a basic shingle proposal

Shingle Removal

  • Protect the property from damage during the project by covering plants and lawn areas; also protect the neighbour's property by covering walls and adjoining lawn areas,
  • Remove the existing shingle material layers down to the roof boards/sheeting on all of the specified areas,
  • Replace any damaged wood boarding/sheathing, where required,to ensure proper new shingle adherence. One hundred(100) running feet or one(1) 4x8ft plywood sheet is supplied, and any additional sheet pricing will be negotiated ( seldom is more than 1 sheet required,if at all) 
  • Install a 3 inch metal guard on lower roof edges above eavestroughs.
  • Install a 36 inch tap paper or 36 inch rubber ice shield on bottom roof perimeter,depending on roof slope.
  • Install new metal chimney flashing, as required, dependent on initial chimney condition.
  • Install metal in all valleys(28g) with tar paper underlay, ensuring rapid water drainage and deterring animal damage.
  • Install metal roof vents to comply with proper attic ventilation, as per building code specifications.
  • Install (25)-(50) year warranty asphalt self-sealing shingles on total roof areas, unless specified.
  • Cambridge AR Lifetime Architectural shingles is our most requested shingle
  • Caulk and seal all roof vents, chimneys, roof exhaust pipes, eavestroughs and skylights
  • Roofing Systems Plus will supply the disposal containers and remove all debris from the roof project, cleaning all eavestroughs and leave the property in a safe and presentable condition during the  project and before the final payment.                                                                                         

All our contract proposal are detailed and job specific, any additional project details are written in to accommodate our customers requests. 

Shingle Details

Shingles come in many styles, warranty life from 20yrs to 50yrs and standard colours; 

we at Roofing Systems Plus are qualified to install all, depending on the customer's choice and roofing needs.

Shingle Re-covers

ROOFING SYSTEMS PLUS will re-cover (install new shingles on the top of the existing shingle layers) any existing shingled roof if there are only 2 existing shingle layers or less; although, the manufacturers warranty is diminished by 50% per existing single layer - for example.. a 30yrs warranty shingle is dropped to  15yrs warranty coverage when installed on a roof that has one layer that is existing. 

Re-shingling is less expensive than a shingle removal project, yet still a popular option and cost effective where applicable.