rubber membrane (torch-on)

Residential Flat Roofing

-The most common flat roof system that is required for most residential flat roofs is a Rubber Membrane Modified Bitumen System-


The Torch-On or Modified Membrane(bitumen) roof system consist of two(2) layers of rubber membrane installed over a fibre paper and the rubber is "torched-on" 3inch over-lap connection on each rubber roll.

  •  Strip existing flat roof layers down to roof decking,
  • A base sheet of fibre paper is installed over roof decking,
  • The perimeter of the flat roof is installed with a drip or roof edge metal cap (3"x3") running the complete roof perimeter, the size and colour of metal would depend on the project specifications,
  • Base rolls of rubber cap sheet are torched on,
  • A granulated rubber cap sheet is torched on,
  • All chimneys, skylights and walls are flashed with rubber membrane,
  • Caulking of all seams of chimneys, skylights and vents ,
  • Remove all debris 

                         *  10  years  warranty  *


Residential flat roof do not always have to be stripped of the existing flat roof layers.  A re-cover of the flat roof is a good option, as removal of the existing flat roof is a more expensive project that is not always required.

  • The bubbles or trapped air and water filled pockets on the flat roof, caused by previous leaking of water into the asphalt layers are cut and sealed,
  • A layer of reconstituted fibre board is nailed onto the entire flat roof area,
  • Drip edge metal is installed on the perimeter and primed with adhesive spray,
  • Rubber base sheet is torched-on to the fibre sheets 
  • Rubber cap sheet is torched-on  to the first layer of rubber base,
  • The flashing around chimneys, vents and skylights are flashed with rubber membrane,
  • All seams are caulked where required*
  • All debris is removed 


                          *  10 years warranty *