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Repair Details

Not all leaky roofs need to be replaced immediately.. In many cases we can make repairs that restore your roof’s integrity and extend its life for several years. It all starts with a professional inspection and evaluation that will provide an honest assessment of your roof’s condition. From there we can decide how to best proceed, whether it is with a repair or full replacement. Roofing Systems Plus is one of the only roofing companies in Toronto to offer a free roof inspection and evaluation.

What to look for-

Shingles -- will curl up and become worn out and fatigued because
the sun's ultra-violet light degrades the asphalt that the shingles are made of and bad weather exposure removes the rock grit covering.
Chimneys/Vents/Skylights -- ..the existing caulking cracks and breaks away from the original surface therefore requiring re-caulking every 5 years
Flat roofs
--the tar or rubber surfaces will wear out because the sun degrades the asphalt life, literally evaporating the surface.
-- the caulking on the seams will crack and fail causing water to drip.
Slate/Metal Repairs -- Slate/Metal and Tile roofs need professional repair when damaged..we are fully skilled to repair loose or missing slate or metal sheets.
Animal Damage --
Animals (squirrels/raccoons etc.) can cause a great deal of roof damage at roof edges and chimneys. we have Animal Removal Service on staff.

Any of these issues can usually be fixed after an assessment is made..depending on the severity of the problem, the price may very..

ROOF TUNE-UPS are an option that we offer that has been very popular and has been used to extend the life of a roof, along with eliminating the immediate leaking issue... ROOF TUNE-UPS are a mere $300..well worth the investment, until that time when the customer is available to obtain a complete roofing project from us.
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