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Flat Roofing

                                      Rubber Membrane (Torch-On)

   Residential Flat Roofing

--The most common flat roof system that is required for most residential flat roofs is a Rubber Membrane Modified Bitumen     System...
       New Installation 
  The Torch-On or Modified Rubber Membrane(bitumen) roof system consists of  two(2) layers of rubber membrane installed   over a fibre paper layer and the rubber is "torched-on"  3 inch over-lap connection on each rubber roll. 

 --- Strip existing flat roof layers down to roof decking
 --- a base sheet of fibre paper is installed over roof decking
 --- The perimetre of the flat roof is installed with a drip or roof edge metal cap(3"x3") running the complete roof perimetre, the 
      size and colour of metal would depend on the project specifications 
 --- base rolls of rubber membrane are torched on 
 --- a granulated rubber cap sheet is torched on
 --- all chimneys, skylights and walls are flashed with rubber membrane
 --- caulking of all seams of chimneys, skylights and vents
 --- remove all debris
 --- 10 year warranty

 Residential flat roofs do not always have to be stripped of the existing flat roof layers.. a re-cover of the flat roof is a good option, as removal of the existing flat roof is a more expencive project that is not always financial option.

 The basic Rubber Membrane (torch-on) flat roof re-cover installation is as follows..

--- The bubbles or trapped air and water filled pockets on the flat roof, caused by previous leaking of water into the asphalt
     layers, are cut and sealed.
--- A layer of reconstituted fibre board is nailed onto the entire flat roof area
--- Drip edge metal is installed on the perimetre the top primed with adhesive spray
--- Rubber base sheet is torched on to the fibre sheets
--- Rubber Cap sheet is torched on to the first layers of rubber base
--- the flashngs around chimneys and vents and skylights are flashed with rubber membrane
--- all seams are caulked where required
--- all debris is removed
--- 10 year warranty

   ------the average life span of a Rubber flat roof system is 10 years minimum, dependant on exposure location----


 Most flat roofs can be repaired, where possible, extending the life of the flat roof and stopping water damage due to leaks caused by damage or natural product wear. Problem areas on a flat roof can be resolved after a free assessment by a Roofing Systems Plus experienced inspector.

- Hot Asphalt repairs and roofing is available by Roofing Systems Plus for Commercial flat roof customer requests.

- EPDM installation is also available for Commercial flat roofs

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